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Hey there!

Thank you for considering me to take your photos! If you have come to learn a little more about me, you’re in the right spot. My name is Abby and I’ve been doing photography for almost 7 years now! It was not until 2019 that I decided to take things to the next level and begin to pursue my passion as a business.


Aside from photography, I attend GCU full time and am working on a bachelors degree in communications with a minor in phycology. Excitingly enough, I will be graduating from there this fall! When I am not behind the camera or in class, you can find me spending time with friends and family. 


I’m a huge fan of food, sports, movies, music and I love to travel. But... above all, I love connecting with people, and photography is such an essential part in my life for making those connections. There is just something about being able to capture the special moments for others that puts a smile on my face.


Now, being in front of the camera myself is not my favorite thing to do… “But you’re a photographer??” Crazy, I know! So, that’s exactly why I love what I do so much; I know what it feels like to not be completely confident in front of the camera and how to work through that. Helping clients break out of their shell a little and helping amplify the beauty they already have is so important to me! With me as your photographer, I promise to be your biggest fan and loudest hype-woman so you can feel just as amazing as you truly are!

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